*Quick bread, dark, dense, chocolaty, & tender.


Temperature :180°c
Baking Time: 50-60min

*Unsweetened cocoa :21gm
*Boiling water :44gm
*Vanilla extract :6gm
*Eggs/Condensed milk :150gm
*Flour :125gm
*Sugar :75gm
*Baking powder :3.6gm
*Salt :1.7gm
*Butter :184gm
*Chocochips :28gm


1.PREHEAT THE OVEN :180°C for 30 min before baking.

2.MAKE SOFT COCOA PASTE :Mix cocoa and hot water until smooth, cool and add vanilla and egg /Condensed milk.

3.MIX THE BATTER :Flour +B.powder +salt. Then half chocolate paste +butter, until dry ingredients moisten, add remaining paste by beating to incorporate air, add chocochip.

4.FILL THE PAN :Pour the batter in mould and smooth the surface. (1/2 inch from top of pan). 5.BAKE THE BREAD :For 50-60min,or keep checking with toothpick (when inserted in bread middles it should come out clean) at 180°c.

6.COOL THE BREAD :Cool for 10-15min.

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