Croissant 🥐

Recepie 👉 👉
*Flour(Normal 2kg,T55 2kg) 4kg
*Croissant mix 800gm
*Yeast 120gm
*Butter 200gm
*Gluten 200gm
*Vx2 imp 60gm
*Ice cold Water 220ml
*Salt 40gm
*Sugar(opt) 30gm

Procedure 👉

*Kneed the dough using the ingredients.
*Make it flat.
*Mark three portions.ABC
*Apply butter on AB.
*Fold C on B & then A on it.3 layered dough formed.
*Again make it flat.
*Follow the procedure once again & make 8t 9 layered.
*Put in refrigerator overnight.
*Next day follow ABC method one time.
*Then devide it in ABCD.
*Aplly butter on B&C.
*Fold A on B & D on C.
*Again fold it. And following this method make 108 layers.
*Flat it and cut in Triangular stripes.
*Holding the two angels of the triangle try to fold it by rolling it & give the Croissant shape as in picture.
*Put it for Proofing after arranging in greesed tray.
*Take out milk wash on them & put in oven.
**Temperature 180.c
**Time ⌚ 25 minutes.
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