Cinnamon Crumb Surprise

Cinnamon Crumb Surprise
*Topped with fragrant cinnamon crumbs, this golden loaf has a hidden treat in the middle ; tart layer of buttery apple slices, nestled inside a layer of cinnamon crumbs.

Temp :180°C
Baking time :45-50 min.
Makes: 8*4*3inch high loaf 

Recepie 👇 👇
Ingredients :

-Brown sugar 35gm
-Granulated sugar 19.2gm
-Walnuts 85 gm
-Cinnamon 1tsp
-Unsifted cake flour 50 gm
-Unsalted butter 43gm
-Vanilla extract 1/4tsp
-Apple 130gm
-Lemon juice 8gm
-Egg 50gm
-Egg yolk 32gm
-Sour cream 120gm
-Vanilla extract 4gm
-Sifted cake flour 150gm
-Sugar 150gm
-Baking powder 1.2gm
-Baking soda 1.8gm
-Salt 1.2gm
-Unsalted butter 128gm

Procedure :
1.. PREHEAT THE OVEN: 180°C 30min before baking.
2..MAKE THE CRUMB MIXTURE : Pulse the sugar, nuts, cinnamon. Reserve 1/2 cup for filling.
.. Add flour, butter, vanilla & pulse until the butter is absorbed, empty it and refrigerate for 20 min, then use fingertips to form a coarse, crumbly mixture for topping.
3..PREPARE THE FILLING AND MIX THE BATTER : Cut apple 1/4inch thick slices and toss into lemon juice.
.. In a bowl mix egg and yolks, 1/4 sour cream, vanilla.
.. In a large bowl combine flour, sugar, baking powder & soda, salt. 30 sec.
.. Add butter and remaining cream and mix.
.. Gradually add egg mixture in two batches.
4..FILL THE PAN : Fill the mould by 2/3 batter, layer with reserved crumb mixture, then overlapping apple slices, & cover with remaining batter (batter will 3/4inch from top of pan), sprinkle crumb topping.
5..BAKE THE BREAD : For 45 min.
6..COOL THE BREAD : Cool on wire rack, (for 1 1/2 hr if wrapping airtight).

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