*American quick bread.
*Taste of carrot stands out due to high portion of πŸ₯• than sugar and oil.
*Zucchini can also be used in place of carrot.
*Can be stored at room temperature for 3 days

Temperature : 180Β°c
Baking time : 1 hr
Standing time : overnight
Yield: approx 995gm loaf πŸž


*All purpose flour : 227gm
*Baking powder : 7.3gm
*Baking soda : 2.5gm
*Salt : 3.3gm
*Cinnamon : 4.5gm
*3 large eggs : 150gm OR 150gm :condensed milk
*safflower oil/olive oil : 107gm
*Sugar : 200gm
*finely grated carrot : 340gm
*Raisins: 144gm
.. 9*5inch loaf pan

1.PREHEAT THE OVEN : 180Β°C before 20min.
2.MIX THE BATTER : Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.
*In a large bowl mix eggs /condensed milk, oil & sugar until blended.
*Add flour mixture and mix, add carrots & mix, add raisins and mix.
3.FILL THE PAN & BAKE THE BREAD : Fill the pan (1/2inch from top).& Bake until top is golden.
4.COOL THE BREAD : Cool on wire rack.
5.LET THE BREAD STAND : Wrap & cool overnight to distribute the moisture.

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