Brioche is a very rich but amazingly light type of bread. Perfect for breakfast and lovely toasted, it’s also good in a bread and butter pudding. Making the dough requires a mixer because a lot of soft butter is incorporated, which turns it into a soft, elastic mess.

*Flour 1kg
*Sugar 100gm
*Salt 20gm
*Yeast 30gm
*Vx2 imp 16gm
*Eggs 10no
*Gluten 20gm
*Water 70ml
*Butter 500gm

Temp 180°c

Loaf 250gm
Buns 60gm

*Add all the ingredients to dough mixer shape the dough and devide in desired shape.
*Keep them for Proofing for 15-20 min.
*Then egg wash and keep in oven.
*Bake them.

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